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Plasma TV Problems? Causations, Solutions, and Advice

The common problems a plasma TV might get, usually start with the screen. Note that if the plasma screen is broken or crashed, it’s not repairable anymore. If this is the case, the TV needs a screen replacement, which may cost you more then the plasma TV itself. (A new screen price is around 2 […]

June 15, 2021
More Plasma TV Information and Suggestions

First, the power supply is the most hardworking board in a plasma TV. It develops voltage to supply all components, high current + high voltage. Input fuse is 10 A, and not so many TV’s in TV input fuse – 10 A. It is very sensitive for input AC voltage and output DC voltage. It […]

What is LED Television? How does it differ?

There is not such a big difference between LED TV and the LCD TV Repair. They have the same power supply, main board, T-Con, and LCD Panel at the front. Furthermore, LED TVs don’t use inverter board anymore and CCFL lamps inside like it were on LCD TV. 56 or more LED diodes light up […]