What is LED Television? How does it differ?
There is not such a big difference between LED TV and the LCD TV Repair. They have the same power supply, main board, T-Con, and LCD Panel at the front.

Furthermore, LED TVs don’t use inverter board anymore and CCFL lamps inside like it were on LCD TV.
56 or more LED diodes light up your LCD screen instead of 6-10 CCFL lamps. You got a better balance between black and white on the picture and smaller electricity bill as well.

An LED television is a simplified version of LCD television. It doesn’t require any special knowledge (if you already know how LCD TV works).

Also, LED TV use less energy and has a little faster video processor.
The big negative would be for all LED TVs, that they are very sensitive LEDs (light emitting diodes inside in screen, if one goes bad, the rest of them will not work).

Keep in mind:
Over voltage for short period of time? That is what is killing the LED TVs.
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