Electronics Maintenance for Business
Maintenance plan for electronics

We work with maintenance for Corporations, Arcades, Businesses,Small Businesses, Offices, restaurants, Cafes, Etc.

About Us

FixToGet is an electronic repair company in the Greater Seattle Area. It is a fully licensed repair company that has been family-owned and operated business since 2009.
Our team consists of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced technicians that are capable of repairing a large variety of electronics.

Our goal as a company is to be able to bring our high quality work with affordable pricing, quick turn around times, and amazing customer service.

Our experienced professionals are able to bring the right maintenance for you, repair, and give your electronics a longer longevity.

The Maintenance
Our maintenance packages and plans are determined on the amount and type of electronics. • Provide the contracted maintenance
• Provide all repairs needed ( Labor included with maintenance. Parts cost is not included)
• Provide Customer service during our business hours • Payments are monthly

We service a large a variety of electronics

Computers, Laptops, Projectors, iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, Televisions, 3D Printers, Vintage Electronics, Cameras, Camcorders, Drones, Game Consoles, Car Stereos, Electronic Home Goods, and others.

How maintenance planning works

FixToGet is provided with the information of the electronics in the business, which will be needed to be serviced. If there is other electronics in the business or the business wants the employees personal electronics to be serviced, we offer additional add ons. The maintenance plan includes a schedule when a technician will be coming in, as well as if for some reason a technician isn’t able to make it during the scheduled plan, there is a set amount of visits per quarter for the maintenance to be completed. If the maintenance is needed more than the set amount of times in a month, then that will be an additional charge to your next months statement. The maintenance plan covers all labor repair costs, the maintenance plan does not cover any parts costs. Why choose the maintenance plan? If the electronics are maintained then the longevity of the electronics increases and the likely of repairs decreases.

How the pricing works

We will be able to discuss the pricing with you depending on the type of electronic and the amount that will need maintenance.
We will have a set cost per each electronic, so if at any point one unit needs to be removed or added, it will be a set amount per each.
When starting, first payment will be for the first two months, after the payments will be coming out the end of the month for the following month. If any extra visits, or add ons where included during a month, the billing for those will be on the following monthly statement.

What do other businesses like yours use us for?

Our maintenance packages and plans are determined on the amount and type of electronics:
  • Maintenance of televisions
  • Maintenance of computers and laptops
  • Maintenance for employees personal electronics that is used for work ( Computers, laptops, tablets,smartphones)
  • Maintenance of other electronics to be checked weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
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